“Who knows now the ancient tongue of the Moon? And who speaks still with the Goddess? Only the rocks now remember what the Moon told us long ago, and what we learned from the trees, and the voices of grasses, and the scents of flowers.”
(Tony Kelly, ‘Pagan Musings’, 1970)

The Pagan Federation International Belgium is part of the Pagan Federation International, a worldwide network of pagans. The Pagan Federation International is affiliated with the Pagan Federation created in England in 1971. The Pagan Federation is the largest and oldest organization of its kind.

On this website soon you’ll find information about the work of the Pagan Federation International and national. We’d also like to keep you informed about the events and meetings organized by our members and the organization itself. There will also follow information soon about paganism.

On this website you can join the Pagan Federation International, where the e-magazine Pagan World (for members) can be found and to the international Forum (fortunately with a Dutch- and French-speaking part). This forum is freely accessible for everybody with a genuine intrest.

PFI Belgium was founded in 1997 and has a new team since November 2014. Ben is the current National Coordinator. Together with a team of dedicated regional coordinators PFI Belgium likes to:

  • Organize events and meetings: and to keep you informed about the pagan community
  • Create a network of like-minded people, bound in their love for nature.
  • Counter and prevent misconceptions about Paganism in the media, etc.
  • Provide accurate information on Paganism.
  • Provide information packages about several pagan movements.
  • Represent the rights and recognition of Pagans in order to give them an equal status as other religions in our country.

Are you Interested in the work we do or do you want to join us?
Contact  PFI/ Pagan Federation International Belgium via:

Email : Ben: info_pfi_belgium@paganfederation.org

Make sure you take a look at our facebook page