Eclectic Witchcraft

Eclectic witches form a separate group of Pagans between the various more or less defined movements and traditions. Eclectic witches only adapt the aspects which suit them as individuals. Within this group, you’ll also find the most mixes of other traditions and movements. Eclectic witches often work alone and they do not work in a group. Sometimes they come together for a special occasion, an equinox for example.

Within this group, you will also find the witches who inherited witchcraft and Traditionals. Traditionalists claim that their tradition is passed from generation to generation, so as family traditions. Hereditaries also claim that their traditions within certain families and are passed through the bloodline.

Sometimes there is a tradition, an initiatory path independent of tradition within the family. Finally, there are witches who work alone and follow their own pagan path.

© PFI Netherlands, translation by Cailin.