Join the Pagan Federation International

Organizational the Pagan Federation International Belgium is part of the Foundation ‘Pagan Federation Internationa’l. Formally, with a membership you support the Foundation Pagan Federation International.

Membership / Sponsorship is open to anyone who’s 18 years or older and who identifies with the following attitude:

  • Love and relationship with nature, respect for the forces of life and the cycles of life and death;
    • A positive morality, which reflects the individual’s responsibility to know the true nature and develop in harmony with the community. This is often expressed with the words “If it harms none, do what you want.”
    • Respect for the full divine reality that transcends the masculine and feminine, without denying either the masculine or the feminine aspect of the Divine.

Membership includes:

  • Membership / Donation Board of the Foundation Pagan Federation International
    • Annual subscription to the e-magazine Pagan World (with a few times a year the PFI Belgium Newsletter)
    • Entree discounts for events, for example for the annual PFI Belgium Conference

An online application form can be found here. For the costs of membership and the various options available, please see the ‘payments page’ on the main PFI website.

For questions about membership in general, email


or Morgana:

Pagan Dawn

Pagan Dawn is the official journal of the Pagan Federation. Pagan Dawn (formerly The Wiccan) was founded in 1968 and appears 4 times a year around Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas and Samhain. Each issue contains news, interviews and background stories, a readers’ forum, book and music reviews and a Pagan “What’s on”. Pagan Dawn is also available as an online version, PDO/ Pagan Dawn Online

More information about PFI, Pagan Dawn, subscriptions and so on found on the main PFI website. You can also order older issues or articles of the Pagan Federation. An overview of the cost of a subscription or membership can be found on the Payments page of Pagan Federation International.