Most pagan Orders of Druids work with the inspiration of the Celtic traditions because this is one of the most obvious link with the ancestors. The classic Druids had indeed an oral tradition, making the written sources that are drawn can be dated at a later date. Some of them are probably written by Druids who adapted to Christianity and thus attempted to maintain the wisdom instead of losing it through time.

Much is being made of Welsh and Irish myths by contemporary groups. Furthermore, the connection with the land and the ancestors is very important because this is their direct soil. This personal experience of Druids can vary greatly, both in its own region and beyond. Druids have no scripture or dogmas which a lot of people from other traditions and beliefs have a connection to the druidpath in the last decades. Since the 50s of the last century, this path by both women and men walked while previously almost exclusively a men’s event.

Druids work with the five elements, creativity, past / present / future, the seasons, their own heritage, meditation, environment, healing powers, healing, other worlds, philosophy, rituals, man and his relationship to the world.

Many contemporary Druid Orders worldwide local Groves, Seed Groups, Nemetons … which members from different parts of the world can belong to the same orders. Since 2003, it is even possible to connect yourself as solitary druid to Druidic networks.

The Druid Network represents and connects globally numerous Orders and Groves and web pages in multiple languages in which local coordinators can be contacted for information, collaboration, … This network is supported by people who are active in the (Druids) community as an important aspect seeing their druidpath. The structure of the English Network is paganistic because the connection with the tradition and the country is indispensable.

The Order of Bards, Druids ovates and has members from various faiths and traditions as it presents itself not necessarily as a pagan order.

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